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Technology has changed drastically over the years.  In the beginning, Newtech created websites that were built on what is referred to as a static environment as it was the only option available.  This signifies each page is a unique file typically based on what is called the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) platform. 

The issue with static websites is that it required an individual with technical abilities to make simple changes or additions to content as well as the overall design.  Based on each page being a unique file also causes difficulties with keeping the layout consistent.  One example is the navigation menu.  If your website had 20 pages adding a new page would require each of these pages to be adjusted so it would dispalay this new menu button.  This would also need to be accomplished by a person with HTML skills.  Very time consuming and costly yet was the only option available at the time.

Around 1997, a new solution was introduced which we refer to as a dynamic website.  In this case, a single HTML file would display the content from a database.  Therefore, depending on the menu or button pressed the proper information would be drawn from this database and displayed. No longer need to update the 20 pages to add the menu title as described above.

This not only made it easier for the developer, yet now provided a platform for a non-technical person easily update content within the website.  We refer to as a Content Management System (CMS) website.  Pretty much the standard for everyone.

Finally, mobile devices were available to the public that included access to the internet.  It was 2007 when the first iPhone was introduced.  An issue arised with the screen size of a phone displaying a website that was viewed on a computer monitor. It was imperative for another technical change with the structure as they now needed to adapt to the device it was being displayed.  Today websites respond to the size of a screen whether a computer monitor, tablet, or phone to make the content easy to read.  This is referred to as a responsive design.

Newtech has been producing websites throughout this time frame from static to dynamic and finally mobile friendly.  Our websites are all produced to easily manage content and adapt to the appropriate monitor size.

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