You've probably heard a lot about cold email. You have heard about people being successful at it. You've tried it and failed. Your campaign had a terrible open rate. No one responded to you. Whenever you heard the words cold email you curse them.

Many of you have sworn off cold email for good. You may think it is below you. That is a mistake.

I used to be in the email list business. I would curate/find lists of business owner email addresses. I sold hundreds of lists to agency owners. The brutally honest truth I realized early on was most people have no clue how to make money or be successful with cold email.

Take a minute and look in your spam folder. You'll probably find emails like Russian dating, dream singles, ZippyLoans, and Sexy picture emails. These are not cold emails. These are spam. Notice the difference.

The truth is most people curse cold email because it is done so badly by most. When most of you hear cold email you think of every bad email you have received. You think of your spam box. But, remember that spam is in the eye of the beholder. What you think is spam to you may not be to your prospect. Even though you may never open or respond to a cold email, it does not mean your prospect will not.

People take notice when they receive a good, well written cold email. Business owners are so used to receiving long, hard to read cold emails where all the sender does is talk about themselves. Business owners will literally thank you if send them an email that focuses solely on how you can help them.

Don't let CAN-SPAM, GDPR, or any other law scare you out of cold emailing. These laws were put passed to protect consumers from BAD, poorly written emails. If done correctly, no one will complain about receiving a cold email. Done correctly, they will thank you for sending it. I've had business owners thank me for sending them a cold email

No matter how busy you are, you have enough time to be successful at cold email. You do not need a copywriter. A good cold email should not take very long to write. In fact, if you are spending more than five minutes writing your cold email, you are almost certainly doing it wrong! You don't need to include pictures, calendar links, fancy texts, or videos.

I never send a cold email that is longer than three sentences. Keep it simple, stupid.

You can go from cold to gold using cold email. Never forget that one cold email can change your life and business. 

  -  Written by By PJ Pahygiannis, Click here to read full article.


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